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Chapter 3 – Starting Up and Shutting Down

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on November 17th, 2009

Chapter 3 – Starting Up and Shutting Down

–          If you know that media recovery is required, you can start an instance, mount a database to the instance, and have the recovery process automatically start by using the STARTUP command with the RECOVER clause: STARTUP OPEN RECOVER

–          When SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE command used, any uncommitted transactions are rolled back. If long uncommitted transactions exist, this method of shutdown might not complete quickly, despite its name

–          Occasionally you might want to put a database in a state that allows only DBA transactions. Such a state is referred to as s quiesced state. Without ability to quiesce the database, you would need to shut down the database and reopen it in restricted mode. Use ALTER SYSTEM QUIESCE RESTRICTED; command. Moreover, refer to the Tom Kyte’s answer on this issue from the following link:


–          To restore the database to normal operation use ALTER SYSTEM UNQUIESCE;

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