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My Oracle OpenWorld-2011 Session at San Francisco, Moscone West

My TROUG-2011 Session at Turkey, Istanbul – Bahçeşehir University

Me at Oracle OpenWorld-2011 San Francisco 



Me at Thailand APAC OTN Tour -2012 Bangkok

19 Responses to “My Photos”

  1. Arvind Says:

    You are doing a very good job.

  2. Indika Says:

    Kamran , your explanations are really good.. keep it up good job.

  3. Sanjay Says:

    Kamran, great job man!

  4. Pradeep Says:


    I am Just beginner in Oracle. Is is possible to take backup of Archivelogs in a regular intervel. How to avoid duplication of Archivelog which has taken earlier.

  5. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Dear Pradeep

    You can use syntax “NOT BACKED UP n TIMES” syntax

    Check the following link and search for the text “notBackedUpSpec”

  6. SANCHIT Says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am Fresher DBA and i m not getting Opportunity for the oracle dba jobs so plz advise what should i do for start my career. I shall be very thankful to u

  7. Ahtesham Akhtar Says:

    Hi ,

    I am a DB2 DBA and want to move to Oracle..will it be tough ??

    Please provide me educational links comparing Oracle to DB2 in terms of architecture and from where to start.


  8. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Akhtar

    There should be a lot of articles on comparing these two RDBMS systems. Check the following link

    I don’t think there’s a documentation or any book for the DBAs which comes to Oracle from DB2. You need to read basics of Oracle database from its own documentation from http://tahiti.oracle.com

  9. iliyas Says:


  10. rehan Says:

    hello sir
    firstly i want to thank u for ur wonderful job
    i have some question
    1) i would like to do networking between two linux machines in vmware(rhel4 and rhel5)
    2) i would like create tablespace in gui mode in linux is it possible to do
    please explain me step by step
    3) how many types of db recovery are there

    iam a newbie so dont mind for my questions if it sounds silly

    thank u in adv

  11. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Rehan
    1- For this, make the network as “Bridged network”. See my “Performing Disaster Recovery” video tutorial for more information
    2- Use Enterprise Manager. But I strongly recommend you to use commands and not get used to GUI. There’s a proverb: “If you live with GUI, you’ll die with GUI” :)
    3- Check backup and recovery guides:

  12. riaz Says:

    Assalam Alikum

    Congrates for your Success..

    May Allah Bless u…

    Please Guide me for OCM preparation

    Allah Hafiz


  13. Nim Says:

    i need you help i need ur contact number

  14. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Sorry I don’t share my contact number. You can drop me an email

  15. Jayachandran Says:

    Hi Kamran,

    Can you suggest me to remember all the syntax of oracle concepts. because i studied several times but i forget frequently . please help me

  16. Rakesh Ranjan Says:

    Dear Kamran,

    Your posts are excellent and are very useful. Its even useful for senior DBAs too in-case just to get a review. I would really be appreciate if you could upload a video on Installation of Oracle RAC on 10g and 11g Linux.


  17. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Rakesh
    Thank you for the feedback. I’m currently working on different RAC related video tutorials and will try to post them soon

  18. Aamir Says:


    You are doing a fabulous job.

    Keep going

    Muhammad Aamir

  19. Narayan Says:


    I bought your Book on Backup and Recovery but I’m unable to download the scripts.
    Is it possible for you to mail me the scripts?


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