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Qafqaz University lessons (.doc and .ppt)

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on 24th November 2008

As I’m a teacher at Qafqaz University, for every lesson I’m preparing Power Point slides and shortened documentation. From the links below, you can download these lessons

Lesson 1 Oracle Database Architecture, Oracle Processes, Physical Database Structure

Lesson 2 Oracle tools, Planning Oracle Database Installation, Installing Oracle Database, Creating an Oracle Database

Lesson 3 Starting up the Database, Shutting down the Database, Oracle Environment, Using Sql*Plus, Tablespaces (Altering, Dropping)

Lesson 4 Managing Control Files (Create, Backup, Drop, Display), Managing RedoLog Files (Create, Rename, Switch, Clear), Managing ArchiveLog Files

Lesson 5 Managing Tables (Create, Load, Alter, Drop), Managing Indexes (Create, Alter, Drop), Managing Views, Sequences, Synonyms (Create, Replace, Update, Alter, Drop)

Lesson 6 PL/SQL Objects, Procedures, Fuctions, Packages, Trigger; Locks – Lock Conflicts, Resolving Lock Conflicts, Deadlocks

Lesson 7 User Management, Granting and Revoking Privileges (Object, System Privileges), Roles, Profiles

Lesson 8 Oracle Database Security, Managing Default User Accounts, Password Security (Profile), Audit Database Activities

Lesson 9 Data Integrity (Constraints) – Unique, NOT NULL, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Check

Lesson 10 Undo Management – Overview, Configuration Undo Retention, Use Undo Advisor

Lesson 11 Backup and Recovery Issues, Categories of Failures, Configuring a Database for Recoverability

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Welcome to my Oracle Blog

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on 24th November 2008

Hi All. Welcome to my Oracle Blog. In this blog, I’ll try to add new solutions for some problems and provide briefly examples. Moreover, I’m planning periodically to analyze some administration features of Oracle database

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