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Qafqaz University lessons (.doc and .ppt)

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on November 24th, 2008

As I’m a teacher at Qafqaz University, for every lesson I’m preparing Power Point slides and shortened documentation. From the links below, you can download these lessons

Lesson 1 Oracle Database Architecture, Oracle Processes, Physical Database Structure

Lesson 2 Oracle tools, Planning Oracle Database Installation, Installing Oracle Database, Creating an Oracle Database

Lesson 3 Starting up the Database, Shutting down the Database, Oracle Environment, Using Sql*Plus, Tablespaces (Altering, Dropping)

Lesson 4 Managing Control Files (Create, Backup, Drop, Display), Managing RedoLog Files (Create, Rename, Switch, Clear), Managing ArchiveLog Files

Lesson 5 Managing Tables (Create, Load, Alter, Drop), Managing Indexes (Create, Alter, Drop), Managing Views, Sequences, Synonyms (Create, Replace, Update, Alter, Drop)

Lesson 6 PL/SQL Objects, Procedures, Fuctions, Packages, Trigger; Locks – Lock Conflicts, Resolving Lock Conflicts, Deadlocks

Lesson 7 User Management, Granting and Revoking Privileges (Object, System Privileges), Roles, Profiles

Lesson 8 Oracle Database Security, Managing Default User Accounts, Password Security (Profile), Audit Database Activities

Lesson 9 Data Integrity (Constraints) – Unique, NOT NULL, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Check

Lesson 10 Undo Management – Overview, Configuration Undo Retention, Use Undo Advisor

Lesson 11 Backup and Recovery Issues, Categories of Failures, Configuring a Database for Recoverability

13 Responses to “Qafqaz University lessons (.doc and .ppt)”

  1. cui Says:

    thanks teacher.

  2. kamranagayev Says:

    You’re welcome cui !

  3. Shappi Says:

    Thank you for everything teacher,I hope we’ll all justify your hopes,I believe that…

  4. kamranagayev Says:

    I also believe Mr. Shappi :)

  5. Ahmed Ahmedov Says:

    Oooo, tebrikler, tebrikler. Allah davamini getirsin Inshallah. Sag eliniz bizim bashimiza:))

  6. kamranagayev Says:

    Cox saqol Ehmed :)
    O gun olsun sizlerin de bele birer sertifikalariniz olsun, men de bir melliminiz kimi sizinle fexr edim

  7. shappi Says:

    Tebrikler Kamran muellim,o gun olsun OCM olasiz,biz de bir telebeniz kimi fexr edek :)))

  8. kamranagayev Says:

    Saqol Sefi
    Eslinde sizlere de guvencim var ve inaniram ki, zaman kecdikce sizlerin de gelecekde yaradacaqi Oracle Blog-larinizda sertifikalarinizi gorub men de sizin bir melliminiz kimi sizinle fexr edecem inshallah

  9. Mohamed Azar Says:



  10. vishith Says:

    Thank you so much sir

  11. Qorxmaz Says:

    Thank you so musch our lovely teacher

  12. Mayur Says:

    It’s a very useful one. But I a unable to download the lesson 9, 10 and 11. Is it possible to send a mail or download it any other way?

  13. ls Says:

    tks ,but I cann’t download the lesson 9,10,11.can you tell me how to download all? thank you so much!

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