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My book is published!

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on September 13th, 2013

My book is out!

I would like to announce to all my fellow DBA friends that my book is published and is available at Amazon.


It took me more than one year to write it. 3 years ago I got an email from Rampant Techpress where they asked me if I can write a book about RMAN Backup and Recovery. I wasn’t ready at that time, but decided to accept that challenge and agreed. The first man came in my mind to help me at that time was my friend Aman Sharma. He also agreed and we started the journey together.

After writing the first chapter I realized that we really need to have technical reviewers, so I asked Syed Sabdar and Hemant K. Chitale if they can help us. Fortunately they agreed.  I would like to thank them both as they did a great job and made a lot of corrections

All chapters are based on practical scenarios and deep research and I hope it will help you to understand RMAN in depth, to create your own RMAN backup strategy and to recover from any type of failures you can face in your production database. There’re a lot of scenarios under each chapter with an explanation and step by step guide to help you to reproduce them on your test environment


14 Responses to “My book is published!”

  1. Nikolay Ivankin Says:


    I hope to see it at Russain book stores soon!


  2. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Privet Nikolay

    Would like to translate it and make it available at ozon.ru :) Let’s see if I can arrange it somehow

  3. Gurcan Orhan Says:

    Congratulations Kamran, great job.


  4. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Thank you Gurcan. See you soon my friend

  5. Prageet Surheley Says:

    Congratulation Kamran Sir…..I hope this book help lots of people to master the Backup & Recovery techniques in Oracle….

  6. Nikolay Ivankin Says:

    I think, translation is not necessary, DBA must know English :-)
    But not everyone have a possibility to order abroad or trust Russian Post 😀

  7. emre baransel Says:

    Congrats Kamran. Hope to read it soon.

  8. Pavan Kumar N Says:

    Hi Kamran,

    Congratulations… !!

    – Thanks
    Pavan Kumar N

  9. Pavan Kumar N Says:

    Hi Kamran,

    Any chance for us to collaborate to write an chapter along with you in your coming books.?

    – Thanks
    Pavan Kumar N

  10. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Pavan
    Sure, I would be glad to collaborate

  11. Narayan Says:


    I recently purchased your Book on Backup and Recovery.
    I’m unable to download the scripts.I did send a mail to rampant as mentioned in the book but there has been no response.:-(

    Please mail them to me.


  12. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Narayan
    I’m also not able to contact them, as they don’t reply my emails. I’ll check again and will let you know

  13. Kamal Says:

    Hi Narayan,

    I too faced the same problem regarding the code depot and contacted rampant several times, at last they provide me the code depot. I can share the same with you on email.

  14. Narayan Says:

    Hi Kamal,

    Please send me the code depot to vaidyanathan.narayan@gmail.com

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