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I’m Oracle Certified Master now!

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on July 10th, 2013

Last week I got an email from Oracle Certification Team that I’ve successfully passed OCM exam. I can proudly say that I’m Oracle Certified Master now!

Although I’m working as a production DBA, I prepared for this exam for more than 6 months. I made a plan for each month, even for each week, prepared own scenarios and practiced for hours.

The exam was tough, you need to be prepared for any case, you have to make decisions very quickly, and even you have to type very fast.

I will prepare blog post on how I prepared for OCM exam and hope it will help and inspire you to take it


39 Responses to “I’m Oracle Certified Master now!”

  1. Laurent Schenider Says:

    Well done!

  2. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Thanks Laurent

  3. Ludovico Caldara Says:

    I’m planning to try it next year, so a post on how you prepared would be really nice!
    It was the new version with 32bit binaries and em gc 11g?

    Best regards

  4. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Ludovico, it was OCM 10g.

  5. Dugi Says:

    Hello Kamran,

    Congratulations on your OCM certification. All the best and success for the next steps…!


  6. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Thank you so much Dugi

  7. Mehmet Bayram Says:

    Hi Kamran,

    you have a usefull blog.


    Best regards

  8. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Thank you Mehmet, appreciate your feedback

  9. Arun Kumar Says:

    Congrats, Sir

  10. ilknur Says:

    Congratulations ! Im preparing this year i hope next year my turn.

  11. nagarjuna reddy Says:

    Congratulations Kamran Sir…
    you deserve it.


  12. Neeraj Says:

    Congratulations. Curiously waiting for your blog on the same.

  13. Prageet Surheley Says:

    Hardly Congratulation Sir for your success!!! & Thanks for this wonderful blog

  14. Khaled Says:

    HI ,
    Congratulations Kamran Sir im still new OCA i will take the OCP exam soon for 11G i need the guide id i winat tao OCM ineed aho long expernice and courses and How i can improve my skills in databse administartor please advise me im so confused


  15. Khaled Says:

    HI ,
    Congratulations Kamran Sir im still new OCA i will take the OCP exam soon for 11G i need the guide how to take OCM exam how long expernice and courses i need to pas this exam OCM and
    How i can improve my skills in database administartor please advise me im so confused


  16. Indika Says:

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your site is very useful, thanks again

  17. Don Burleson Says:


    That’s a monster test, you should be proud . . . .

  18. Wilson Bernal Says:

    Could you please let me know how much time passed since the exam presentation until confirmation of exam was passed?

  19. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Wilson
    I got the congratulation email after 6 weeks

  20. Xhavit Cecelia Says:

    Hi Kamran,

    Congratulations for OCM!
    you have a usefull blog.


    Best regards

  21. Lokesh Says:

    Congratulation sir
    i want also pass OCM but i have first complete OCA,OCP and then After OCM

  22. Niil Says:

    Congratulation Kamran,

    Really great achievement of being OCM,

    i am taking your “Step By Step” guides for my knowledge enhancement, specially i love RAC and Oracle Installation the most, your knowledge sharing attitude really helps many of oracle addicted peoples like me…..

    also curiously waiting for your OCM Exam experience post…

    hoping the same contribution of your efforts in future too, and i know you will serve the best.


  23. Talip Hakan Ozturk Says:

    Hi Kamran,

    Congratulations. Well deserved :)

    When I heard, I was very happy.

    Again Congratulations!

  24. Arun Says:

    HI Kamran,


    Am also interested in doing certifications. I hope you will guide me.

  25. Okcan Yasin Says:

    Congrats Kamran, well deserved :)

  26. Muhammad Abdul Halim Says:

    HI Kamran,


    Muhammad Abdul Halim

  27. Oracle Community Says:

    Congratulations on getting OCM certified :) also thank you for sharing this blog, will be a motivation to many others..
    have a prosperous future


  28. riaz Says:

    Assalam alikum

    Kamran congratulations for becoming OCM
    May Allah Bless you…
    And Give u more nd more success..
    Please guide me also for OCM ..
    I m 9i 10g 11g OCP certified and OCE in 11g r2 RAC..

    Allah Hafiz


  29. Abdul Wahab Says:

    Hi Kamran Sir,
    Big Congratulations for your OCM sir!!!!!
    I regularly visit your blog and I am very much happy for your great success.

    Abdul Wahab.

  30. Wilson Bernal Says:

    Thanks Kamran for your reply.

  31. sam Says:

    great kamran wish you all the best for your future

  32. I’m Oracle Certified Master now! | IT Support Says:

    […] I’m Oracle Certified Master now! […]

  33. Hameed Pathan Says:

    Congratulation brother

  34. Wilson Bernal Says:

    Hi Kamran,

    I’m going to present this exam in two months and I’m worried becaus the english skills needed to pass the exam. My english reading skills are enough to read, understand and solve problems, my listening skills are well enough to get technical sentences but not so good to get non technical sentences, specially that ones that are a little localized or pronounced quickly, or tricky.

    As i’m a little worried about it, could you let me know if I could have problems to present the exam?

    Thanks a lot for your sincere answer.

    Wilson Bernal from Colombia

  35. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Wilson

    You don’t need to understand any non-technical sentences during exam, all tasks are technical, so no need to worries

    Wish you best of luck!

  36. Wilson Bernal Says:

    Thanks Kamran. It is really useful to know thinks like this and like those included in your OCM exam preparation’s section to prepare and pass the exam.

    Kind Regards,

    Wilson Bernal

  37. Kamran Saeed Says:

    Congratulations Sir Kamran,

    Your posting is being awaited

    Kind Regards,
    Kamran Saeed

  38. reza dolati Says:

    Congratulations Kamran.
    the use many nice entries your.
    I am a lover of Oracle.
    I’m from Azerbaijan.

    Kind Regards,

  39. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Reza
    Nice to meet you! Warm greetings from Baku!

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