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Do you backup your blog?

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on November 12th, 2012

Last month I got an email from wordpress.com that my password was changed. Hmm … I opened the browser and tried to login to my page, but password was incorrect! I resetted my password and asked wordpress to send me a new password to my email, but I didn’t get it. Ohh .. The password was changed and sent to the hacker’s email! I checked my webpage and got “hacked” message. The hacker get into my wordpress database (either due to wordpress plugin bug or hosting security hole)

I called hosting service and asked them to check my webpage and recover it back immediately! It took more than 2 hours to recover my blog.

In my opinion, getting your webpage hacked is not a big deal, the big deal is if you don’t have backup of your blog! Can you imagine what happened if I lost my blog which contains 140 technical posts with 1983 Comment? Your blog is your career. If you lost it, you can lose your career.

I would advice you to have backup of your blog (don’t rely to hosting backup, make backup after each blog post you post, copy the backup to the different storage), to not use unnecessary and untested wordpress plugins and to choose the one of the best hostings in the market

2 Responses to “Do you backup your blog?”

  1. Thiyagu , Gunasekaran Says:

    Ya really good msg ..

  2. Elshad Says:

    Thanks for advice

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