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The installer has detected the existence of Oracle Clusterware

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on June 12th, 2012

After removing the RAC installation on the test server, I got the following error during the installation:

“The installer has detected the existence of 10g Oracle Clusterware on the remote node, —-, however, 10g Oracle Clusterware does not exist on the local node …


Although I run $CRS_HOME/install/rootdelete.sh, removed the $CRS_HOME and oraInventory folders and killed all running processes, it was throwing above mentioned error. After making some checks, I saw that /etc/oracle/ocr.loc file is still there. When removing that file, the error message disappeared. I was interested whether installation checks the file’s availability or its entry also, so created an empty file with the same name “ocr.loc” and tried the installation. Guess what? I got the error again. This means that Oracle looks only for the name of the file in the mentioned folder

In case you want to clear the failed RAC installation, check the following article:



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