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I'm an Oracle ACE :)

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on June 7th, 2010


  Last month (on May 3, 2010) I got a call from one of my best friend, reviewer of my RMAN book and a man who nominated me for the ACE award – Syed Sabdar Hussain – that I was awarded an Oracle ACE title. I can proudly announce that I’m the first and the only Oracle ACE in my country, Azerbaijan :)

You can view my ACE profile from the following address:


15 Responses to “I'm an Oracle ACE :)”

  1. Laurent Schneider Says:

    Well desserved! First ace in a country that twice as big as mine, well done!

  2. Aman.... Says:

    But the picture that you have put, isn’t it of ACE Director? :-p

    Hehehe just kidding! Congrats buddy!


  3. Egidio Ndabagoye Says:

    WEll done Kamran.I’m on my way there.

  4. coskan Says:

    Well done Kamran. Good luck with the new title

  5. okcan yasin saygılı Says:

    this is good news ,congur…

  6. Babu Says:

    Good News..


  7. Alex Nuijten Says:

    … why am I also the last one to find out? Congratulations!

  8. Rajender Singh Says:

    Congratulation Kamran!

  9. Sabdar Syed Says:

    Heartly congratulations buddy!

    Sabdar Syed.

  10. Fuad HACIYEV Says:

    Tebrik edirem muellim, daha uca zirvelere cixasiniz! (Telebeleriniz de sizin arxanizca :))

  11. Danish Says:

    Nice to heard that.


  12. aloysius.a Says:

    hai i am form india.A 11g r2 OCA a babi to ORACLE.I wish to reach the hike position in ORACLE technologs in my life time.i sure my DIETY with me for the miles to coverd up.ok

    i want to know that is that ORACLE ACE the position you got from ORACLE organisation.i wish can you explain??

    bye….take CARE…expert

  13. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    To get more information about Oracle ACE title, please visit the following page:

  14. sahil Says:

    i would like to learn Oracle as you..where can i start ? what do you advise me to read first? ..Thanks in advance..

  15. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Dear Sahil

    I’d suggest you to check the following introduction written by Tonguc Yilmaz (Turkish Oracle ACE)

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