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Exclusive Interview with Nicolas Gasparotto

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on October 23rd, 2009


Nicolas currently works as an Oracle DBA consultant, particularly with PeopleSoft application, and is responsible for the technical support of development and production teams. Nicolas challenges himself to think differently on complex queries in order to gain milliseconds (transactional) or hours (batches) of the process time. Since 1998, Nicolas has been working with Oracle products (started with Oracle version 7.3 followed by 8i and 9i) and held many positions including developer, DBA and analyst. Nicolas is an active participant in the OTN Discussion Forums as he thrives to share personal experiences and maintain his neurons in place.

Could u please provide answer to the following questions as follows:

  • Brief information about yourself and your family

I’m French, married, one daughter 10 years old.

We live in the Netherlands for the last 2 years and a half now.

  • Your education

I finished my college, IT dedicated, in 1995.

  • Your experience with Oracle. When you started first? Has it been interest of your side or just a coincidence?

After being a COBOL developer, I started on Oracle as a developer on Oracle Application (before it is became eBusiness) in 1998.

Then started as Oracle administrator later on 2000. And Peoplesoft admin in 2002.

  • What was the motive behind to prefer Oracle? Who you have been influenced by?

Oracle is one of the greatest IT Company in the world, with one leitmotiv: “keep changing” which make me in happy to avoid having an annoying job every single day of a life.

  • What would your preference of profession if not Oracle?


  • What motivates you in your job?

As I explained earlier, I enjoy my job because there is always something new to learn.

  • Do you give lectures on Oracle?

No, but time to time I teach some people on SQL query and Peoplesoft.

  • Have you authored any book in Oracle?


  • Do you manage with your time as to read books on Oracle? What is the name of the book that you read recently?

“Advanced Oracle SQL Programming” by L. Schneider

I was also curious about Oracle Spatial, so I read “Pro Oracle Spatial” by Euro Beinat, Albert Godfrind, Ravikanth V. Kothuri

  • What do you think on OTN forums?

OTN forums is an amazing place. When asking question, you could have an answer within minutes, but as always on Internet, you can have the best like the worst, so advices should be always taken carefully, and keep in mind that is not the Oracle support.

  • Do you refer to the documentation? And how often does it happen?

Yes, always, that’s why I’m complaining when online docs are not available, and sadly, no search feature on the downloadable docs version.

  • What is the biggest mistake you have ever made during your DBA career?

The biggest mistake would have been to forget we all were beginners, and also forget to keep us up-to-date.

  • What was your greatest achievement as an Oracle DBA?

Still being around on the stuff I like. Many of my colleagues tend to go for management, not me.

  • What is you priority to manage the challenges you face?

Keep learning the new Oracle and Peoplesoft versions.

  • How would you describe the essence of your success? According to your definition of success, how successful have you been so far?

The success is not a target, it is the way to reach it.

  • What are your best skills which make you differ from others?

I don’t know, but trying to keep a high level of knowledge on different scopes like SQL, Oracle db admin and Peoplesoft admin helped me a lot.

  • What’s your major weakness?

My migraine makes me knock-out some entire day.

  • Have you ever lost your spirit? If so, what has been the reason and how have you overcome it?

When I meet my future wife, I’ve never recovered.

  • What is the next success you would like to attain and your efforts to this end?

Let me think.

  • How do you balance your daily life with your career?

It is one of the most important challenges I’m facing.

  • Please describe your one day summary of activities?

Actually I think it’s like for million other people.

  • How many hours do you work and sleep in a day?

There is not enough hours per day, I would love 30 hours a day to be happy.

  • Where and how do you spend your daily, weekly and annual holidays?

There are no fixed rules, visit family, discover others countries…

  • Do you think about Oracle during vacations?

If there are spare days, that can happen, yes.

  • Do you have time or motivation to go in for any sports? If yes, which kind of sport do you go in for?

I’m trying to attend the most as I can to fencing club, but when I’m looking back, it is not so often.

  • What’s your favorite meal and non-alcoholic drink?

Borscht (meal and drink together) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borscht

  • What foreign languages do you know?

French (mother tongue), English (used daily in office), Russian.

  • What’s your average typing speed?

No idea, but I’m not really fast, especially on non-French keyboard.

  • Have you ever get involved in politics?


  • What are your hobbies? 

Testing new Oracle products and version on my lab.

  • How do you spend your free time?

With 18,000+ post in OTN forums, I leave you assume how I spent my free time.

And also, with my family.

  • What’s your biggest ambition?

Let me think.

  • What would be your advice to the beginners in Oracle?

Keep motivation and learning despite errors and huge way in front, because if non-beginners are more or less far away, they have the same.

  • Would you like your children to follow in your footsteps or take a different path in life?

I leave my child to decide by herself, but I’m doing my best to offer her the choice to do what she wants.

  • Do you have any followers of you?

I don’t know. I’m doing what I like for myself (including my blog), not to be followed, but if that helps people, then I’m glad.

  • What is your vision on the future of Oracle?

Oracle is constantly changing and growing, more and more during the last few years than ever. Who could have said Oracle would buy Sun 2 years ago ? So, difficult to say, but I’ll try to be there.

  • Could you please take a photo in your office near to your desktop?

The first rule here is “no picture inside the building”, the second is “keep the desk clean”. So, nothing to see.

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    sir i am jayachandran . i have completed oracle dba course.i am interested to chat with you …. i need to learn a lot from you

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