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I'm 10g OCP now!!!

Posted by Kamran Agayev A. on February 6th, 2009

Hi all

Today I’ve passed 1Z0-043 Oracle Administration 2 Exam and become Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) with 95% score

You can congratulate me! :)

Now I don’t want to stop and want go further to these certifications:

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

Oracle Database 10g: Managing Oracle on Linux Certified Expert

Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert

Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate

Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional

Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional

I’ve registered to all these exams and Oracle University courses and my company (BakuElektrikShebeke) is ready to pay for these exams and courses :)) From here I want to thank to management of my company

32 Responses to “I'm 10g OCP now!!!”

  1. UMIT Says:

    Congrulation Teacher… I hope you will take all these certifications
    and when we will hear your name we will say he is our teacher.
    We all time trust and support you….

  2. kamranagayev Says:

    Thank you Umit for your belief and support

  3. raj Says:

    Hello Kamran, I came to your blog following a link with forums.oracle.com
    First of all I really liked the way you started answering this particular question “http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=863979&tstart=0”
    All the best with your future ventures. Myself I am certified Oracle developer, as well doing the Oracle e-business suit R12 implementation for the firm right now. I found many interesting posts on your blog (especially the Oracle+Linux posts). Hope you will keep on posting more tricks and tips in future as well.

  4. kamranagayev Says:

    Hi Raj
    You’re welcome and thank you for your comment
    I’m planing to post more tricks and solutions regarding Oracle and Linux
    Waiting your comments and suggestions related my posts
    See you

  5. Sam Says:

    Hi,teacher.actually i am not surprised to hear this and we are proud of you as Qafqaz students.i believe that it is just a beginning and u will be next Tom…

  6. kamranagayev Says:

    Thank you Samir for you valuable words and for your belief in me. Of course its my main aim to be as Tom Kyte
    Yes you’re right, It’s just beginning. But don’t forget that there’re many Oracle expert around the world and I feel myself as an ant between them :)
    But I think that if I develop myself every day, after some years I can feel myself as an expert only after becoming OCM :)
    Thanks …

  7. Harold Green Says:

    Way to go!!! (yeah, a month later …sorry – just saw this)

  8. Harinath Says:

    Congratulations for your Oracle 10g certification.This is a good site that I came across, I appreciate it. Also I need information on the 10g certification.
    1. Do we need to be oracle 9i certified to take up 10g test?
    2. where do we get the information on 10g certification

    Thank You

  9. kamranagayev Says:

    Thank you Mr Harold. I’m very happy to get congratulation from You. Thank you very much

  10. kamranagayev Says:

    Hi Harinath. Thank you
    1. We don’t need to be 9i certified to take 10g test. You can take 10g certification without 9i. But it would be good to take 9i OCP and then upgrade your OCP to 10g by taking only 1 exam
    2. Here you can get all informaton about Oracle Certification
    Good Luck and wish you to be certified ASAP

  11. Daniel OsaeA Says:

    Good man, I think you need to update your OCP logo on your site.
    I’m impresssed by your works, codes. I am following you. I am a newly qualified 10g OCA.

  12. kamranagayev Says:

    Hi Daniel
    I’m very glad for you OCA qualification. Keep going. But why I need to change my OCP logo? May be next month I’ll add new OCE logo too :)

  13. sheik Says:

    hi Kamran,

    Did you follow any Oracle Book(s) for teh certification? I am planning to take OCP and was looking for some guidance and good book to follow so that I can sit for teh certification.
    pls advicce and how long /how many days and how many hours/day was your prepartion for the OCP exam.
    Please advice if you could send me an email with details that will be great and well appreciated..


  14. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Sheik
    Yes of course. I’ve followed some books for preparing OCP exams
    For OCA (OCP) exam, I advice you

    1. To read Sybex OCA (OCP) Oracle 10g Administration I (II) Study Guide book.
    2. McGraw Hill OCP Oracle Database 10g Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (OCA (OCP) topics covered chapters)
    3. Oracle documentation (You should know exam topics of OCA (OCP) certification and find them all in Oracle documentations)
    4. Practice, practice and practice!!!
    5. Don’t use any dumps

    Good Luck on your certification exams Sheik

  15. Oraclelearner Says:


    congrats on your new 10g OCP certification. I’ve also passed my 10g OCA certification exam, and I’m now preparing for the 10g OCP exam. You have just inspired me to pursue this certification even further


  16. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Thank you Oracle Learner
    I whish you to become OCP soon

    And you can look to my advice to Sheik on preparing OCP exam
    Good Luck

    P.S. Feel free to contact me and ask any questions related to OCP certification and its topics

  17. Oraclelearner Says:

    Hi Kamran,

    Do you feel the Sybex OCP study guide prepared you well for the exam? I ask this because I’m considering using this study guide along with software from selftest.com.

    I’m just wandering what you feel about this.

  18. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi OracleLearner
    Sybex books helped me a lot approximately for all my Oracle exams
    If you’re preparing to OCP exam, you should read Sybex book carefully. They cover most and main part of exam topics. THen, you should read Oracle documentation additionaly.
    Of course, McGrawHill book also was helpful with its simple explanation and practices. Moreover, you should test yourself using selftest software, its really helpful, by using this software, you feel yourself in real exam

    Good Luck

  19. Oraclelearner Says:

    Thanks Kamran,

    I will let you know how I fare on the exam.


  20. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Waiting for good news from you Oraclelearner!

  21. Niki Says:


    I am a regular visitor to your blog. Especially the Linux-Oracle posts. I recently finished my 1Z0-043 exam. And I am also planning to give Oracle Database 10g: Managing Oracle on Linux Certified Expert exam. There are no specific material available for this exam. I would like to know how you are preparing for it? materials and books…
    If you can give some reference would appreciate it.



    kindly rejoice with me am now am ORACLE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL.

  23. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Congratulations OSENI! :)

  24. Sreekumar Says:

    hi kamran,

    Previous year I passed the Admin2 exam of the 10gDBA track. But not collected the Certificate. Need to submit the course participation form. Is this from the Oracle university itself? or any computer training institute is fine ? Please let me know, so that i can submit and collect my OCP Certificate :)

  25. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Hi Sreekumar
    Sure, it should be Approved Oracle University

    Please visit the following page for more information:

  26. james jackson Says:

    Hi kamran,

    I passed the Oracle 10g,1z0-043, exam with 98%. I will now pursue 10g RAC certification.

  27. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    Wow, Congratulations James! I wish you much success in the next exams!

  28. Ricky Says:

    i am preparing for 1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i EXAM. can u give me sum tips ,dat i should consider before i go into exam

  29. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    I’d suggest you to read the following books of Sybex

  30. Ricky Says:

    I will do it sir

  31. thiyagarajan C Says:

    Dear kamran agayev,

    I would like to do Oracle 10g managing oracle 10g on linux expert(OCE). Can you help me? I am RHCE and 10g OCP. So i have knowledge. But I want the dumps. Do you have it? anybody help me?

  32. Kamran Agayev A. Says:

    I wouldn’t suggest you to use dumps, because they are illegal. Check the following link:

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